Error frame reception with the Java API


I note that the Java API supports opening the device with the CAN_OPMODE_ERRFRAME flag, but I don’t actually seem to receive error frames, and I can’t find any examples using it.

Does the Java API support error frames, and if so, how do I actually receive them?



Hello @hamster,

I am not familiar with the Java API I will need to look into and check with my colleagues.



Hello @hamster,

Sorry for the delay, here is a new version of VCI driver with support for more messages (errors, info, etc) With a new class IcanMessageExReader which uses CanMessagesEx.

You should be able to use this for the CAN_OPMODE_ERRFRAME.

readme.txt (375 Bytes) (41.2 KB)
VCI V3 Java API_1_0_0_37.exe (834.2 KB)



Thanks I appreciate it! I’ll give this a shot.


Works like a champ. Thanks again!