Error in ARGOS

Hi Siobhan and Deryck,

We are trying to start “out of the box”. I set up account: The error message below is shown when trying to connect. Please help.


Hi Deryck,

I’m on site PA now. Can you please call me on We need to resolve this problem and it is looking more like a SIM restriction. Can we trial the “HMS” SIM to see if it fixes it?


Philip Heiner

Hi Phil,

Let me know what you find out with the T-Mobile SIM card

Hi Siobhan,

Arrived into New Castle around 10pm. At work a bit after 6am. The days of straight to site from a flight are past me now – thank goodness.

We have been on the phone with Tim of Deryck’s office who connected to us on Teamviewer. Current suspicion is AT&T issue and that we need to try an alternative. Only T-Mobile and AT&T provide compatible
service for Netbiter here in US. And T-Mobile does not have extensive coverage. Not good for a railway project.

Tim is raising a ticket with AT&T to find if something changed on the 17th Jan 2020 or soon that could have stopped connection.

FYI: The HMS SIM card is essentially a pre-configured AT&T SIM. Unlikely to make a difference.

Your own review seems to be heading in the same direction. An alternative to Netbiter EC350 may be needed. Is the EC360 a viable alternative?


Philip Heiner



Please come into the AT&T. Call me on the mobile 7247302307. The prepaid is no good for M2M. We have to establish a standard account. All works now. Glorious green on the uplink.



It’s one to remember. Ordinarily post-paid accounts would be established owing to convenience and lower price. Being foreign, we had no choice but establish pre-paid. Post-paid does not suffer the
variance in transmission protocol of pre-paid – at least that is what we are told. The situation had not arisen before. I will test SMS tomorrow.


Philip Heiner

EIT Engineer