Error in later eCatcher

Can run eCatcher 6.4 but later versions create VPN tunnel error (see attached). Can reload 6.4 and works again.

Tried uninstalling, deleting all TAP adapters and reinstall, no luck. On Windows 10 machine.

Any Ideas?


You will need to rename the tap adapter to “Talk2m-eCatcher”

Once you are able to successfully update the adapter name. Close the software and re open.

I believe the issue is also the name of the Tap connector. I cannot use the default name (computer repeatedly says in use but not there), I remember having to change the name of the TAP used in one of the eCatcher config files.

This If you can’t perform a Windows-reinstall then you can try naming the TAP adapter to be something besides “Talk2m-eCatcher”.

Then open the Talk2MClient file located in ecatcher-talk2m/talk2mvpnservice/conf .

on the line that states –dev-node “Talk2m-eCatcher” change talk2m-ecatcher to what you have renamed the tap adapter.

If this does not work then windows will have to be reinstalled.

I found it and got it to work, thanks.