Error when setting WAN configuration via BASIC


I am writing a basic code to set WAN configuration from PLC. For the testing purposes, the network setup tags are stored in EWON memory (NOT from PLC) as indicated in the figure below.

I can change IP address, subnet mask and DHCP/static successfully. However, when I change the gateway address, the basic program returns an error:

Operation failed (28): SETSYS COM, “save”

The backup of EWON is attached (excluding supporting files) so you can restore and give a test.WAN Configuration.tar (76 KB). The network configuration tags can be found on page “System”.

My hypothesis is that COM parameter “EthGW” could mean LAN gateway or WAN gateway so it may cause LAN/WAN connection conflict.

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The EthGW parameter is for the WAN side of the unit. The Flexy itself is the Gateway IP address for the LAN side. If you try to set the Gateway to the LAN side, it will cause an overlap issue.

Also can you provide a fullback up with support files. I would like to look at the event logs, and real time logs for BASIC errors. This can be done by using ebuddy, and selecting the “Include Support files” when creating the backup.


Thanks for the response. The backup with supporting files is attached below.
My objective is to change WAN settings through PLC input and BASIC program. Unfortunately, I received error message “Operation failed (28): SETSYS COM, “save””.


Thanks for your advice.