Ethernet access for WAN port when using 3G

I have a flexy205+LTE card+wifi card. Its embedded in a suitcase for remote commissioning/debugging.

Most of the time, at customer plant, we use LTE for quick setup connection. But not exclude we can use WIFI or Ethernet cable connection.

We would like to add a web camera in this suitcase. I’m wondering, should I use the camera as a static ip device connected to a LAN port or should I use it as a DHCP device connected to a WAN?

I would rather use the DHCP option so I can benefit the camera web service and wont have to worry about ip address.


To be able to access the web camera it would have to be in one of the LAN ports. if you wish to use DHCP for the camera you would have to set the flexy LAN up as a DHCP server which is explained in the following document.

Ok but using DHCP on one of the port, I would like my webcam to have only connection to the web through either LTE,WIFI or WAN.

I don’t want my webcam to be on the same network as my PLC and stuff.

Can I configure a RJ45 port to talk directly to the web ?

For the camera to have internet access it would have to be on a LAN port and in the same Network as the Flexy’s LAN. It is possible to give your LAN network internet outside of the the VPN which is explained in the following document.

If the Flexy is receiving its internet through LTE or Wifi then the WAN port is not active and you would have to be connected to a LAN port with the camera to get internet access.

If the Flexy has its internet access coming from the WAN port then it is possible to configure a second WAN port and that port will be receiving internet which can be used by the camera.