Ethernet IP configuration Keyence LK-G5000 To Anybus X-gateway (AB7670-F)


We have a Keyence LK-G5001P that is working with Ethernet/IP and Siemens S7-1200 PLC with PROFINET. We bought an Anybus AB7670-F to make them interract.

We are new with using Ethernet/IP so we are wondering if we did the right configuration in the scan list config (web server)

Here is a picture of the actual configuration:
config HMS

And here is the EDS File from Keyence LK-G5001P:
Keyence_3005_0101.eds (8.3 KB)

On the Anybus LED we have
-GW : Green
-LA : Green
-MS : Red flashing
-NS : Green Flashing

I hope it can help.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Hello @LAFONDJulien ,

Based on the EDS file it looks like the sizes are not correct.
Try the following.
assembly 101 0->T size 80
assem100 T->O size 248

Hello @deryck_hms,

Thank you for your answer but the problem is still the same. Nothing from Ethernet/Ip in both ways and we still have this:

-GW : Green
-LA : Green
-MS : Red flashing
-NS : Green Flashing

in addition here are some pictures of the actual configuration From the Anybus and the tia Portal profinet:

Tia Portal Config ProfinetIO

Thanks for your help



Did you update the size in the scan list?

Also make sure you swap the input and output sizes between the two interfaces.

The Xgateway is an ethernet/IP scanner(master) that connects to EIP slaves. Did you update the scan list as I recommended? If the scan list configuration does not match the slave connections it will not be able to connect. If it still doesn’t connect try swapping the sizes around I could have had it backwards.


Here is what i have for the moment:

EDs config 0906

And it’s still not working…



This looks correct based on the EDS file. Is there a chance this EDS file is not specific for this device and could be wrong?

To further track down the issue we would want to get a wireshark capture between the Scanner and the Keyance device. You can use a managed switch to mirror traffic from one of the devices and capture traffic on your PC.

We tried a lot of things with EDS file but not working.

Here are captures from wireshark

Traffic from Anybus.pcapng (1.6 KB) Traffic from Keyence.pcapng (3.7 KB) traffic Global.pcapng (13.3 KB)

The Keyence is
The Anybus is
The Computer is



Was the gateway in Run mode and connected to the Keyence device? In the Global capture I only see one Arp request from the Anybus.

I would like to see a Capture with CIP/Ethernet/IP messages being sent from the gateway to the Keyence. none of these captures show traffic between the two devices.