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I am trying to connect a Fanuc robot to an Anybus X-gateway. I believe the gateway is setup correctly on the CNC machine side via DeviceNet. It is configure on the robot side as EthernNet/IP Adapter. My IP address is set correctly as I can ping the Anybus from the robot. I believe my problem is between the EDS file setting and the configuration on the robot. The Network installation sheet states to using the EtherNet/IP configuration tool to download an EDS file to the Anybus. I could use a little more information on how and what software this step is referring to.


If your robot is the scanner, than the EIP configuration tool would most likely be the Fanuc software. If it doesn’t give you the option to download the EDS, you may just need the Connection Points (or Assembly Instances) and sizes. You can find these in the EDS File:

Input    100   Size X bytes
Output   150   Size X bytes
Config    0    Size 0 bytes


I am looking for a little more direction to install an EDS file on the Ethernet/IP side of the Anybus. The Network installation sheet is a little fuzzy on program names.


Hello Ken,

We dont have any specific instructions for Faunuc Robots. If the robot is the eip scanner you would use the info Kyle shared here. You wouldn’t install any eds into the EIP side of the gateway.

To make sure you have the device you expect what is the article number of the anybus device.


Hi Kyle,

I think I am on the same page. Correct me if I am wrong; the Anybus comes with the configuration file preload and should be plug and play to a point, less IP address, I/O allocations, etc. And using the supplied documentation, I should be able to match the Device Type, Vendor ID, Product Code as well as Input/output size and Instance allocations?

In that case, I may have another issue. Looking at the Anybus documentation, I believe I have the robot EIP settings correct. I have setup several similar applications at our plant, but this one–the robot side–doesn’t want to communicate. I viewed the config file in the Anybus as well as your email, and the setting seem to match.

I will bang my head a little more on the robot config. The problem must be with the robot.

Class Attributes
Instance Attributes, Instance 01h
Status AttributeExtended Device Status
Reset Service
The Identity object provides a reset service. There are two different types of reset requests:
# Access Name Type Value Description
1 Get Revision UINT 0001h Revision 1
# Access Name Type Value Description
1 Get Vendor ID UINT Default: 005Ah HMS Industrial Networks AB
2 Get Device Type UINT Default: 000Ch Communication Adapter
3 Get Product Code UINT Default: 000Eh Anybus-S Ethernet
4 Get Revision Struct of: -
USINT Major fieldbus version
USINT Minor fieldbus version
5 Get Status WORD - Device status, see table below
6 Get Serial Number UDINT (unique serial number) Serial number of the interface
7 Get Product Name SHORT_STRING Anybus-S EtherNet/IP Name of product
Bit(s) Name Description Value Meaning
0 Module Owned - 0000b Unknown
1 (reserved) - 0010b Faulted I/O Connection
2 Configured - 0011b No I/O connection established
3 (reserved) - 0100b Non volatile configuration bad
4 - 7 Extended Device Status (See table on the right) 0110b Connection in Run mode
8 Minor recoverable fault - 0111b Connection in Idle mode
9 Minor recoverable fault -
10 Major recoverable fault -
11 Major unrecoverable fault -
12 - 15 (reserved) -
Reset Type Action
Power Cycling Reset (Type 0) This will cause the interface to emulate a power cycling reset.
Out of box reset (Type 1) This will cause the interface to delete the configuration file ‘ethcfg.cfg’ and reset.
Ethernet/IP 24
Anybus X-gateway EtherNet/IP Adapter - Modbus-TCP Server Doc: HMSI-27-251, Rev. 2.10
6.3 Assembly Object, Class 04h
Class services: Get Attribute Single
Instance services: Get Attribute Single
Set Attribute Single
The Assembly Object holds all I/O data used for I/O connections.
Class Attributes
# Access Name Type Value Description
1 Get Revision UINT 0002h Revision 2
2 Get Max Instance UINT 0096h The highest instance no.

Thank you,

Hi Ken,

Because the Anybus is the adapter, it’s going to be the robot (scanner) which sets up the connection. Like you said, you just need to give it the correct settings (either via the EDS file or manually, like in this case). You will need to use the Anybus Configuration Manager for X-Gateway to set up the other settings on the gateway, like IO sizes control/status word, etc., but the connection will be configured through the robot. If you have a screenshot of the settings you want to share, we can take a look at them.



The article is AB7833. You may have hit the nail on the head. The downloadable EDS file from the Anybus website for AB7833 is quite different from the settings
in the manual—from my distributer/machine manufacture.

I must have tried settings from 5 different Ethernet/IP EDS files I found on the website and the couple that differ on the 12 robots I have installed in the past…
vary frustrating.

Please send me what you come up with for the following, these setting are from the website’s EDS for article AB7833.

VendCode = 90

ProdType = 12

ProdCode = 75

MajRev = 3


Hi Ken,

that info looks correct. Though I don’t think it would cause the connection to fail.

I found this regarding setting up a fanuc robot. It might help with your setup.

Once common issue i have seen here is the data type will change. In that example they have it set to bytes which would be 1:1 with the size we use in the Anybus configuration Manager. If you change it it to words you will need to adjust the size.

Make sure to use our input instances and not the ones in that example.


Deryck, Kyle,

I just check the documentation on a working interface. It also has an article AB7833. The setting on the robot are quite different from the EDS file info I
sent you, but similar to all my other robot interfaces.

Is there a physical number on the Anybus box itself or can I plug into the unit and pull the article number and verify the number and settings?



The Article number is printed on the side with the Serial number. There is also a web interface which provides some information, like firmware, etc.

Kyle, Deryck,

The good news is I looked at the article number on 3 different units, including the one I am have trouble with, and I verified they are all AB7833. However,
I am still at a loss with matching configuration setting on the robot side, why I cannot connect.

Nonetheless, I have learned a lot about the Anybus Gateways and you both have been very helpful.

At this point, I think I will bring my vendor in and try a few more things.

Thank you,


I think that’s a good idea. The OEM should be able to help you get it going.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.