EtherNet/IP EDS Generator Crashes when using with CompactCom B40 EtherNet IP

Hi Anybus Support,

When trying to use the provided EDS generator tool with CompactCom B40 EtherNet IP Brick the software throws an error “Unexpected response length for GetAttributSingle”.
Object nr: 15

I would like to see the members added to Params Section of EDS along with tags so it can easily be imported into Rockwell Controller by the end-user. I hope the EDS generator also populates the Assembly section of the file with the process data tags/names.

Thanks for looking into it.

What version of the generator are you using? Can you right click on the title and check the about?

I am not sure this will get the results you are looking for the have the tag names show up in Studio 5000 i believe you need an AOP which would require working with Rockwell. Here is an document that explain a bit about EDS files. There are a a few examples and you will find only the config parameters will have names. Logix 5000 Controllers EDS AOP Guidelines for Logix Designer, 1756-PM002 (


Hi @deryck_hms,

I am using Version of HMS EtherNet/IP EDS Generator. I was able to run through the generator after I disabled a number of ADI’s. I had around 120 ADIs with 4 ADI Assembly Object Mapped. I just kept the 4 mappable ADIs and I was able to generate the EDS but it did not include what I was looking for as you mentioned above. I am going to look into the data types of the remaining ADI causing the EDS generation error.

Thanks for the info on AOP for Rockwell and the attachment, I will consult my team for further development on that part as it’s outside of HMS’s scope.

Thanks again, @deryck_hms!

Thanks, that looks like the most recent release.

There might have been an issue with one of the objects. That error looks like a CIP error response and should help narrow down where the issue was. Does the details section add any info on the CIP message? You could also capture a whireshark to see what gettAttribute message is getting an error response.


A colleague has brought to my attention that there was a fix in the EIP FW 1.44 regarding ASCII ADI’s that has caused issues with the EDS generator. This seems likely to be the cause of your error. as a workaround you can downgrade the firmware to version 1.43 to generate the EDS then upgrade back to 1.44.


That is interesting to know, as I do have ASCII ADI’s in my list. I would prefer to use the HMS-provided EDS file for now as I did not see any difference in the EDS generated by the EDS generator for my implementation. I am using the default producing consuming assembly instances and do not have any customization.

I will keep a note of this, thanks for all your help @deryck_hms.