Ethernet ip eds to ethercat esd


Would there be a tool we can make this conversion? Will communicate to a Sick XLM200 on the ethernet ip side that I am thinking should be a master scanner. Lenze P500 adapter slave on the Ethercat side. There is another gateway that we set up 3 years ago that went from a Rockwell PLC to a Lenze and recall set up for the xml was a bit slow and thought I would ask of a tool , previous applications, or if you have an application department that could accommodate this?

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I am not familiar with this device. Are you using an HMS device?


The AB7699-F we are using to communicate between the ethernet ip slave barcode reader and a Lenze P500 PLC.


The EDS and ESI files for the AB7699-F are available here:


There is also an AB7682-F when setup up the last time had use a XML editor for the ESI file. There is a install repository in the Lenze PLC software that does not allow editing of name and data.


If you go to there is a search box toward the upper right part of the screen. You can enter any article number like “AB7682” (not “AB-7682” or “AB7682-F”) and it will bring up the product page for that device which will have all of the documentation, software, and other files, like EDS or ESI files, needed for setting up the device.