Ethernet/IP Modbus TCP Config File Upload Fail

I need to change the IP address of our communicator. Using the HMS IPConfig tool I can change the IP and it is set to static, but it loses the IP whenever power is removed. So I tried uploading the config file in order to change it there, using the Anybus Configuration Manager software and when I try it gives me an error saying the config file is missing or corrupted. This is in a running system and the rest of the configuration needs to stay as is. How can I access the file to change the IP?

Which model do you have? (For example, AB7007)

not 100% sure. The module is sandwiched in there pretty good. It is Ethernet/IP to Modbus TCP with a single RJ45 on the front. I have an extra one with two RJ45 ports on the front that I am using to try to test with. The configuration manager is able to download and upload from that device. I don’t have a copy of the configuration anywhere to work from or I would just modify and download, but I need to upload it first so I don’t jack up all the other parameters from what I gather.

Are you sure that it’s Modbus TCP and not Modbus RTU? Is it a blue plastic housing?

It’s important to know the model because we have different software for different models. You can probably connect to the ethernet port and put the IP address in a web browser and get some information from it if you can’t remove it from the rack. I would need an article number or serial number to determine the correct software, or at least what it looks like and the correct protocols. All of the Communicators should have either a serial or CAN connection, so no Eth/IP to Modbus TCP version.

It is blue, with a single RJ45 on the front, and a serial connection to the fieldbus on the bottom along with an RJ11 for the programming cable. I can’t unplug the Ethernet cable because it will take down the system.

I do know that the configurator software I am using is the same that was originally used to setup these communicators. It is the same laptop that they used, but it was before I arrived at the company.

Do you know about how long ago this was configured? The only thing that I can think of trying is an older version of Anybus Configuration Manager at this point. It looks like you’re using the latest version.

I know that the unit we are having problems with was purchased at the same time as the spare that I am testing with. Any other ideas come to mind? The system was installed in early 2019.

I’m really going to need the article number and serial number of the device (the one in the picture is only for the fieldbus card) which is printed on the sticker on the side.