Ethernet/ip to BACnet

I have a BACnet controller that is using MS/TP and a Allen Bradly Compact Logix. The gateway is unable to see the MS/TP tokens being passed. The EOLs are on both devices since there are only two BACnet devices. I have entered all data types on the signals page, But there are some data types missing like AV and BV. AV & BV will used for set points and adjusting fan speed. Those are the data types that I really needed to work on this gateway. Its also unclear how the gateway will see the BACnet controller or see the object needed. After setting up the ethernet/ip side the gateway kept on resetting.

Under gateway mode I have selected MSTP. Is the Mac Address of my device or the device Im trying to connect too

Types missing


MAC address that needs to be assigned is the Gateway MAC address.

MAC address
Define the gateway MAC address for BACnet MSTP communication

Once done, the BACNET end devices will connect to that MAC address for communication.

For setting up the BACNET communication within MAPS, we do have a dedicated document that will go over the BACNET functionality with our Gateways.

Hi can I know what you did for the AV, BV & MV data type. I’m going to face the same issue.