Ethernet IP tp Modbus TCP


I need to interface an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC running Ethernet I/P to a data collection device running Modbus TCP. Is this the device I need? AB9006

Hello @robokd,

Yes a ab9006 will allow you to poll modbus TCP Servers and then be read by a Ethernet/ip Client, in your case a CompactLogix PLC.


Hi Deryck,
I have a similar setup, Modicon 984-685E PLC with Modbus Plus that is also connected to a Modbus TCP Ethernet bridge (MEBII001) and a Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5069-L320ERS2 with Ethernet/IP.
Would the AB7669 be suitable and can I setup all the read/write commands from AB7669 without having to write PLC code?

Hello Chris,

I am not sure this would be the device you would need. You will need to look at what type of interface your devices have if they are a master or a slave and typically get the opposite type for our x-gateway. Where you have two PLC’s you may need a Slave on both side.

I recommend reaching out to your local distributor or HMS sales team for help picking devices.

This is the second one I’ve received today to the wrong person.