Ethernet LAN and WiFi WAN

I have my Flexy 205 connected to WAN via WiFi and I can access it through eCatcher as long as it is also connected to the LAN via ethernet. I want to be able to disconnect it from the LAN and still be able to access it using eCatcher using it’s WiFi connection. What do I need to do to make this work?


Something does not seem right. Are you sure the Flexy is setup to use the WiFi for internet? You should be able to connect to the Flexy even if there are no cables in the LAN ports.

Could you create a backup using eBuddy and check the box to include support files.


I do see anything in the event log from today that would indicate an issue. I do see you have configured all ports to being LAN. I would suggest running the system wizard again and changing port 4 to a WAN port if your still having an issue with the device going offline when you disconnect a cable.

I tried changing port 4 to WAN and still have the same issue. What should I try next?


I see you have a static IP set on the WiFi, but that does not look like the address that is being used for the WAN connection. The Flexy is using a subnet of 172.23.55 if you rerun the internet wizard and have the WAN connection use DHCP do you get a WAN/LAN clash?

I reran the internet wizard and set the WAN connection to use DHCP. I still ran into the same issue - I’m able to connect the flexy to the internet, but as soon as I unplug the ethernet LAN connection, the WAN connection drops too.MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (289.5 KB)

Zach is out today, but I see that you are using the same subnet on the LAN and WAN, which is not allowed on a router.
This is why you are having problems.

If you only want to use the Ewon as a bridge to the VPN, you could try the following configuration:

Step-By-Step Guide - Use Ewon in a single subnet (1).pdf (147.8 KB)

I have changed the WAN IP from 173 to 10, and am able to connect the internet, but I’m having issues connecting to ecatcher.
I’ve attached the backup file.
Is there something else I need to change?




Did you change what IP the network uses for internet or did you just change the static IP of the Flexy? This looks like either the servers are being blocked, or that the Flexy does not have internet access. You can try using the Talk2m Connection Checker to see if the connection tot eh servers is blocked. It can be downloaded here.

I got it working, so you can close this ticket.


Thanks for the update