eWON 101 able to FTP a csv file to an FTP server?

I have a customer with a Flexy 101 with a cell modem. They want to get data from a connected AB CompactLogix as a .csv file. Is this Flexy capable of doing this? I’ve used Export Block Descriptor before and is this the correct way to send the info?
Thank you!

If they want to use EBDs, they would have to first set up the ABLOGIX IO server in the Flexy to poll the AB PLC. See: AUG-0079-00 - Poll data from Allen-Bradley PLC using Ethernet protocol

They could then use the Planner (example here) to send an email with a .csv file using EBDs.


Use an FTP server to retrieve the file, but doing this remotely would require either using the VPN or opening up FTP to the internet which is NOT recommended.


Use a BASIC script and EBDs to send the .csv file to a FTP server. See RG-0006-01-EN - Programming Reference Guide

You can also reference RG-0009-00 - Export Block Descriptor

Thank you. I just wasn’t sure what the best option would be. Much appreciate the info!

Can EBD and PutFTP be used to export as .csv the values in an array located in an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC? Thank you.

Yes, you have to first poll the data from the PLC, but then you can export it as a .csv using PUTFTP and EBD.

Can you recommend an FTP server? I’m a systems integrator working with a customer. They currently get data from a flash drive and I believe they want to have it automatically written to a computer at a site remote from the eWON and the data. The Flexy is an older one, with 4 ports and 4 card slots and a cell modem. The cell modem is not continuously on, just turns on to deliver alarm messages. It can be turned on at the site for remote access. I think the customer wants the data that usually is written to the hard drive to be sent as a csv file to their computer. Will the articles you already sent help me do that? I haven’t done this before. Thank you.

Is this a Windows computer you are using?

First, I wouldn’t recommend using FTP over the internet because it’s in clear text and can easily be intercepted and you would need to expose an FTP server to the internet. If the remote computer is a Windows computer, you could use a program like WinSCP or Filezilla over the eCatcher VPN tunnel and the file would be transferred securely.

Filezilla would require you manually grabbing the file, but with WinSCP you can automate the process. Of course this would require the remote PC to always be running and always be connected to the Ewon with eCatcher.

Have you considered just emailing the file or would that not work? It would be very easy to set up.

Hello Kyle,

I had a conference call with the customer yesterday and they are already using Filezilla and FTP transfers from other sites, with a Windows machine on a VM. They just want to set up a file transfer with this site if they can. I didn’t know they need to keep eCatcher open, though. If they have eCatcher running does that mean I can’t log in to eCatcher and get online with their system? I think they are only wanting info once a day or so, not all the time. The eWON is currently set up to go online when an alarm needs to be sent out, or when requested to go online. Thank you.


They only need to use eCatcher when they do the FTP transfer. I was saying that they’d need it always on if they were automating it, but if they are just using Filezilla, they would just have to connect to the Ewon with eCatcher first. That’s the most secure way to do it.

So Filezilla would log on and off of eCatcher as needed, or it would log on and stay on? Not sure I understand. Thank you.

From the remote PC, you would have to log into eCatcher, connect to the Ewon, and then Filezilla could grab the file over the VPN tunnel. It would be a manual process.

Really interessing information,

Is there a way to automate the process to logon with the VPN tunnel ?

I have many customers that I would like to get a CVS file from a machine. I would like to retreive this file weekly or daily.
At this time I can use the VPN tunnel with ecatcher and filezilla to get the file. I would like to automate this process.

What would be the best way ?

I would recommend using the Planner or a BASIC script to send the file by email. See my first answer.