Ewon 1400 Allen bradley DF1

Hi Deryck

I have a micro logix 1400 Allen bradley PLC. The PLC IP adress is and then the ip adress for the ewon is In the I/O server where i set up my communication for the PLC(this is on the ewon) i set up the IP adress as follow and it was done with the DF1 server and i put this in topic A and i also enabled it

But still i have a no communication to my tag that i want to read the value of . I do it through a VPN and when i open ecatcher i see that the ewon is online, i then connect to it to be able to open the ewon in my browser . Am i putting the IP adress wrong in the i/o server settings ?

Please can you help


Hello @Neels,

I moved this post to its own topic, it sounds like you are using an Ewon Flexy with DF1 rather than a ewon Netbiter as the original topic you posted in.

I am not sure exactly what you would be doing wrong, it sounds like you are setting it up correctly. Are you sure your PLC is configured to allow external access?

Can you review this document to make sure you are not missing any settings.

I also recommend checking out RG-0007-01 - IO Servers.


Hi Deryck

Sorry for my Late reply . I will test this and let you know . Than you very much for your response