Ewon 4G with antenna gets disconnected form SIM internet after powercycle


I’m trying to set up a couple of Cosy’s 131 4G in Sweden. I actually set them up, but when restarting (due to power off the panel or any other thing), the ewon does not connect anymore to internet and says at the summary: Internet Connecion Error and Fallback: disable …It does not connect anymore until I take out the antenna, and then I have to put it awaing after some seconds. This does not seem a normal behavior, is there a way to make this get connected without having to open the panel?

Also, similar thing when setting them up, I have to do it first without the antenna or else it will say there is no WAN connection… after seting it up I put the antenna it goes OK, but this need to be done in a place with a lot of service so the ewon can take internet.

Attached support file after restarting and taking out the antenna.

Backup.etar.gz (12.4 KB)


Given your location and cellular connection, it may be better to submit your case at mysupport.hms.se

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