eWON as router?

Hello all,
I have LAN network behind eWon(IP LAN:, IP WAN:
And in this network there is Keyence camera(IP: and i need to forward photos via ftp to eWon WAN(our company LAN network,FTP Server IP:
On eWon i changed setting:
NatItf = 2 (Nat and TF on WAN)
VPNRedirect = 0 (Allow traffic outside the VPN tunnel)
FwrdToWAN = 1 (Forward LAN traffic to WAN)and tested it in my office where i simulated camera with laptop. I set GW of laptop IP) and i was able to open FTP on
But Keyence kamera is connected via profinet and supplier told me that it is not possible to change GW of camera(GW is set to its IP: so it can not connect to FTP with WAN address without setting correct GW.
So the question is if I set address of FTP to (instead of on camera, if i am able to route or forward FTP communication on eWon to WAN specific address( and how?

thanks everyone for replies



If this camera has a gateway set as it’s own IP address than it is incapable of sending traffic over a routed network.

You could set up another FTP server on the LAN and then forward the files to another network.