eWON cannot be reached using M2Web

Account: cmd-cng
Account Number: 120213-30
Device: 176790

Issue: This device has been accessible using either eCatcher or M2Web for years.

Last week, the device went OFFLINE in M2Web, but it is still ONLINE and accessible in eCatcher. We can currently connect to the eWON in eCatcher, and we can successfully access the eWON’s configuration link in eCatcher. But it remains OFFLINE in M2Web

There were no changes to the eWON which triggered this change. We assume it is an issue on your end. Please investigate and correct the issue.

Thank you

Hello Ashley,

Have you tried rebooting the unit so that it sets a newly constructed VPN access?

We did have some server degradation earlier today, but it has resolved.



It has not been reset at the site yet, but it stopped being accessible in M2Web last Friday so I don’t believe it is related to today.


I would power cycle the unit, reestablish the VPN tunnel. There was a post on friday regarding this issue.

2020/01/24 US VPN server #8 devices moved to another server

Due to network disturbances in front of USA Talk2M VPN server #8, devices connected to this server have been moved to another Talk2M VPN server at 16:00 UTC+1. On 18:00 UCT+1 devices have been moved back to VPN #8. Ewon devices unable to follow the shift because of local firewall policies will experience an interruption of service. We would also like to remind the best practices when it comes to ports and addressed used by Talk2M. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I would also double check the firewall policies for this site.

This doesn’t make sense. If the eWON didn’t follow the shift, we wouldn’t be able to access it in eCatcher. Are you sure there is nothing else that could be going on?


This is what I am trying to work out. The service issue may be a potential cause, but i need to rule all possible causes.

If you can supply a backup with support files, I can take a look for any disconnects from within the unit. Then, escalate it if necessary.

As advised above, I would perform a power cycle of the unit and establish a fresh connection to the unit.

The support file is attached.





What type of Ewon device is this?

The device is now available in M2Web. We got a notice and now I can get into it.

Thank you,




Excellent! I am glad that this issue has been resolved.

Hi Kevin, We’ve got a strange thing may be due to your server failure:
Some our ewons went online despite “hold connection” - disable.

Event log:
|30/01/2020 00:02:23|1073771442|ovpn-OpenVPN process start|wanmgt||
|30/01/2020 00:02:23|1073763885|eppp-Open client connection|null||
|30/01/2020 00:02:15|1073772928|wanmgt-Connect WAN required to reach (|openvpn||
|30/01/2020 00:02:14|-29619|ovpn-Cancel VPN start request|wanmgt||
|30/01/2020 00:02:14|1073763884|eppp-Close client connection (Cnxtime: 64 S. [2])|scp||
|30/01/2020 00:02:14|1073771442|ovpn-OpenVPN process start|wanmgt||
|30/01/2020 00:02:14|1073771437|ovpn-OpenVPN process ended|openvpn||
|30/01/2020 00:02:04|-31119|wanmgt-VPN Stopped for reconfiguration|scp||
|30/01/2020 00:02:04|1073767023|FILE : 2901201100243.csv.gz HAS BEEN SENT PROPERLY|
Real time log:

30/01/2020 00:04:08 VPN TUN/TAP device /tap/0 opened 3456928684 693
30/01/2020 00:04:07 VPN [server-device] Peer Connection Initiated with 3456927464 692
30/01/2020 00:03:51 VPN UDPv4 link remote: 3456911969 691
30/01/2020 00:03:51 VPN UDPv4 link local: [undef] 3456911969 690
30/01/2020 00:03:51 VPN LZO compression initialized 3456911959 689
30/01/2020 00:03:45 VPN OpenVPN 2.0.5 ewontx [SSL] [LZO] built on Feb 27 2014 3456905484 688
30/01/2020 00:01:52 VPN SIGTERM[hard,] received, process exiting 3456792754 687
30/01/2020 00:01:40 VPN Initialization Sequence Completed 3456780304 686
30/01/2020 00:01:40 VPN TUN/TAP device /tap/0 opened 3456780294 685
30/01/2020 00:01:38 VPN [server-device] Peer Connection Initiated with 3456779079 684
30/01/2020 00:01:23 VPN UDPv4 link remote: 3456763289 683
30/01/2020 00:01:23 VPN UDPv4 link local: [undef] 3456763289 682
30/01/2020 00:01:23 VPN LZO compression initialized 3456763284 681
30/01/2020 00:01:16 VPN OpenVPN 2.0.5 ewontx [SSL] [LZO] built on Feb 27 2014 3456756794 680
29/01/2020 00:01:50 VPN SIGTERM[hard,] received, process exiting

After sending file script stops the connection but then connection establish to
What do you say on that? It was a random failure?
Best regard