EWON commmunication with Siemens HMI-TIA Portal v16

I have EWON Cosy-131 connected to Siemens KTP-700.
I configured the EWON Cosy with the following:
1- BroadcastForwarder = 1
2- NatItf = 2
3- FwrdToWAN 0 = 1
4- VPNRedirect = 0

EWON and KTP are both in te same subnet.

I configured network details in TIA portal following instructions in Remote Access for Siemens PLC(s) p-20 to p.24

I can ping KTP700 screen, but I cannot go online.

If I make NatItf = 2 =>3, I cannot ping the HMI neither go online.

Apppreciate your urgent support.


When connecting to the cosy through eCatcher are you changing the interface to the TAP adapter.


Yes I am using Tap-Windows Adapter V9, that was created by Talk2m-eCatcher

So I am not sure why you have changed NATItf and FwrdToWAN from there default the only variable that needs to be changed is Broadcastforwarder to 1. After makign that change did you reboot the cosy and check to make sure the value was changed

Is the HMI directly connected to the Cosy’s LAN port without going through anything else. Is the cosy up to date on firmware. Are you using the newest eCatcher (6.6.4).

I am using ecatcher 6.6.4

I have changed the NATItf and FwrdToWAN parameters as per the below link

However, I returned the default values except BroadcastForwarder to be 1

1- BroadcastForwarder = 1
2- NatItf = 2
3- FwrdToWAN 0 =
4- VPNRedirect = 0

Still I am having the same issue, where I can ping the HMI, but cannot connect from TIA portal v16

Any updates please!

Hi Michael,

Some Seimen’s HMIs require the IP address to be input manual. It looks like you have the correct settings on the Cosy so they will need to be input into TIA.