eWON connection timeout

Hello, I installed the Cosy 131 on the client’s network, and they have a firewall that blocks it. So when they unlock the firewall the eWON device won’t reconnect automatic to the VPN. It’s there any paremeter or timeout for risolve this issue, or should i have every time to restart de device?

Once they have unblocked the firewall for this unit, you will need to run the VPN wizard to establish the connection. it will need to verify the connections with our Talk2m Servers.

The VPN wizard is done, in fact al configurations are already done. The only way I make the VPN connect is making a reboot from its webpage. Is there another automated solution for this?
Thank you for your time


You can use some BASIC scripting to attempt to launch VPN wizard if disconnect. I would advise reviewing the script below:

It will require some modification to suit your needs. I have also embedded the BASIC Reference Manual.

But if the VPN wizard is launched, then its necesary to reconfigure other parameters, for example NAT.

Once the VPN is launched then you can log in to the unit to configure the NAT side and whatever parameters.

We do not have a Script that covers the entire process of setup once it’s done remotely.

Ok, but it doesn’t resolve my problem if there is not an automated way of doing it.
Anyway thank you for your time.