[eWON Cosy 131 4G]


I’m trying to configure eWON cosy 131 4G with sim card. My operator is PLUS (from Poland). I can’t establish WAN connection. I tried different APN configuations but non of them is working.

I put SIM card to my router and connected to the Internet with following data:
APN: internet
Username: plusgsm
Pass: plusgsm

It connected without any problem. When I use this data on eWon I get an error:
wanmgt-WAN connection request has time out
What can be wrong?


Hello Lukas,

Thanks for contacting us here.

I think the Ewon doesn’t have a WAN connection and thus cannot connect to the Internet.
I suggest reading the document to whitelist the entire Talk2M domain for outbound connections: KB-0209-00 - Addresses and ports used by Talk2M .

Try also to use the TCP mode. When you run the talk2m wizard, click on “more” and then “force tcp mode”

When the eWON performs the Talk2M wizard, it makes the following things :

  1. Test the WAN connection
  2. Test if a UDP connection can be done.
  3. Get the VPN settings via an HTTPS (TCP 443) connection.
  4. Test the VPN connection according to test #2 --> In UDP if test #2 is ok and in TCP if not.

However, sometimes this last step cannot work because :

  • The firewall is able to detect OpenVPN connection over UDP and blocks it. So the UDP test may work and the VPN connection not. In that case, “force tcp mode” is a good idea.
  • The IP of the VPN server is blocked by the firewall (IP used for the step 3 is different than the one used for step 4). In that case, you can check the IP of the VPN server in the Real Time logs of the eWON and see with the IT person if this one is allowed or not (In TCP443 or UDP1194).

Hello Likas,

Anything new here?
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