Ewon Cosy 131 and Verizon

Hello- I recently purchased a Ewon Cosy 131 4G NA. I would like to activate this with a Verizon SIM. I am being told from my distributor that it will only work with AT&T. I do not see anything in the Cosy spec that says it only works with AT&T. The Cosy webserver even lets me select Verizon. Please help!

Hi @dginbuffalo,

The Cosy 131 NA does not support Verizon since verison does not use GSM. ATT or Tmobile would work with that cosy since they use GSM for communication.

If you have to use verizon then you would have to upgrade to a Flexy since the only cosy modem model we make is only compatible with networks that use GSM communication.


I do not see this information anywhere on the website and even the Cosy webserver shows Verizon in the drop down menu to configure. I am hoping HMS will let me return this product for credit towards a Flexy 205.

I’m not sure if it directly says it anywhere but the distributor who sold you the device should have let you know that. You’ll have to reach out to them though and see if they’ll allow you to exchange the device


I also fell for this trick and was stuck with 2 cosy’s. Made me really angry.

Hello @parklot91,

We are not trying to trick anyone where are you seeing or being told the Cosy’s support Verizon?


@deryck_hms ,

I am having the same issue. You ask where we see that it supports Verizon. I would pose the opposite question to you. Where does it say that the Cosy 4g does not support Verizon? It is an option for configuration and the bands listed for 4g include bands that Verizon utilizes.