eWON Cosy 131 - cannot obtain IP via DHCP


I’m having a trouble with cosy 131 with cable ethernet connection. It has a problem with Internet (WAN) configuration with DHCP option on. Error log shows as in attachment (logs as following: 20324, -20205, 31130, 31911, 31130). I’m not sure what could be wrong. Device’s MAC (particularly-> WAN’s MAC) is enabled in our network. We’ve configured dozens of eWons in our office network in that way and there was no problem with any of them. Could there be some strange option disabling simple DHCP connection?

Thank you,
Krzysztof Bryndal

Just to make sure, do you have an Ethernet cable with internet access going into the default WAN port on the device (Port 4)? If you do can you try and see if your computer is able to get a DHCP address from that cable?

Yes, default port 4. Yesterday I’ve to moved it to a different network (at my house btw.) and the problem was solved. My further question would be, do you know if a master network need to have both MACs (WAN and LAN) assigned to enable-table in order just for WAN to work?


I would think that it should just need the WAN. Depending on security settings this document might also be helpful to know which ports and addresses will need to be open on our device:

kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf (290.9 KB)