EWON Cosy 131 Cellular setup problems

I set up a Cosy 131 in Germany with a german SIM from Telekom. Now the machine is in China, i have remote access over teamviewer and trying to set it up, but it gets no WAN connection. Can anyone help me with this? I am very new to this topic.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Mark,
I suggest you to load again the activation key.

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The device may not work as it utilizing a European Modem in China. You will need to the APAC model of the Cosy 131 for it connect via cellular.


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Hello Kevin,
are you sure? Then i have no other option then trying to replace the hardware?

Thank you!

Hi Mark,

What cellular cosy do you have. You would need to verify that the frequencies in the modem you have is available where the device is located. You would also want to make sure Telekom allow for roaming on carriers in that area.

China Wireless Frequency Bands and Carriers (frequencycheck.com)
You can find the bands used for the different cosy models here: ig-0022-00-en-cosy-131.pdf (windows.net)

Hi Deryck,
we have the 3G+ model, that supports UMTS B1 (2100 MHz), which is used in China. So i think, this should work. Also the roaming shouldn’t be a problem.
I also loaded the activation key again. It is loading for a moment and then displays “device unrechable”.
Do you have more suggestions for me to do?
Thanks you!

Can you provide a backup with support files?

I can review the back to find what possibly could be the issue with device not running the VPN wizard.

Sorry for the delay. Now i have a backup.
Thank you for your support!

Backup.etar.gz (8.0 KB)


Going off what i can see on the event logs, is that the device is not seeing the network sometimes. Given the the type of issue and your location, i do suggest that you open case at https://mysupport.hms.se/
This may require some on site testing, as i am based out of the US. It could be difficult to schedule a teime for that.