Ewon Cosy 131 Connect/Disconnect

I have couple of ewon Cosy 131 that always connect/disconnect several times a day.

Any ideas to why this happens. Both units are connected to permanently connected 4G routers. With a consistant signal.

Any ideas as to why the Ewon status is offline/online with a disconnection time of only 1 min or so?


Please check the setting ‘MaxCallDur’ in the comcfg.txt:

Please set this to ‘0’ and see if it stops the disconnects. If it does not, make a backup using eBuddy and make sure to check “Include Support Files” and share that with us so that we can check the logs and settings.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle

Tried that earlier and still got a disconnection for around 30 secs

Attached is backup with support files


eWON.TAR (319 KB)

This appears to be an issue with the internet access, the device reports losing internet access randomly. There are a number of DNS errors as well.

I would recommend:

  1. Update to latest firmware, 13.3
  2. Use a public DNS server like or for example (Run the internet wizard, if you are using DHCP you will need to uncheck the box for DNS from DHCP)

If this doesn’t help I would contact your ISP, because it appears they are dropping the connection.


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