Ewon Cosy 131 don't response

Have a ewon cosy 131 don’t response.
This ewon is whit leds frozen turn on

Hello Luis,

Can you provide the serial number of your unit and the color of all of the LEDs? What happens if you attempt to power cycle the device? If that doesn’t work, what happens perform a level 2 reset (linked below)?

https://websupport.ewon.biz/sites/default/files/ig-022-0-en-ewon_cosy131.pdf (page 23 of the document)

I do, the reset level 2 and the leds are frozen
I paste a site you see the video to this reset.


If you can see, the leds are orange and yellow.
Serial Number is: 1704-0185-22
Part Number is: EC61330_00MA/S COSY 131
MAC is: 00:03:27:04:15:E5

Hi Luis,

I’d like you to try a recovery. A link to the document is included at the bottom of this post, but see below for the steps you’ll need to take.

  1. Open eBuddy.
  2. Click on Tools, and then Update eBuddy.
  3. Once the product library is updated, ensure you have the latest firmware for the Cosy 131 in your preferred language.
  4. Now that you have the latest firmware downloaded, click Finish if needed. Next, if you see your eWON in eBuddy, right click on the eWON and select eWON Recovery, or highlight the eWON and hit F7. A screen should pop up with the serial number of your device.
  5. If you do not see your eWON in the list, go to Tools and then click on eWON Recovery or hit F7. You will need to manually enter the serial number of your device.
  6. Click next, and you will be brought to a screen where you can select your language and firmware. Once selected, click next.

Please note, if the eWON is not visible, some information may be incorrect. Please proceed anyway.
At this point the software will scan the network for the eWON. Please ensure that you have a switch connected in between your computer and the eWON, and that the Ethernet cable is plugged into LAN port 1. Otherwise, this process will not execute successfully.

  1. You will see onscreen directions that direct you to unplug the eWON from power, press and hold the reset button (a thin tool or paperclip is required), and power it back on while maintaining the hold on the reset button. Once you do this successfully, that message will disappear and it will ask you to hit the reset button twice more.
  2. Once you hit the reset button twice more (no need to hold it down, just depress it twice), the bootloader will be updated on the eWON if needed. If a new bootloader is not needed, the firmware will be updated and you can proceed to step 10.
  3. If the bootloader was updated, the eWON will prompt you to restart the recovery procedure. This will have you repeat the actions from step 7. You will power cycle the eWON while holding down the reset button until the network scan detects the device, and then press the reset button once more. This time, the software will update the firmware.
  4. You should see a message that displays “The eWON is now upgraded to 12.1s1 and ready.” You can hit finish and should be able to access the eWON’s web interface as normal to run through the setup wizards.

Please follow these steps and let us know if it helps resolve the issue. The documentation below also provides detailed steps and screenshots for your reference.

Best regards,

I do this but never finish the process
See below.



I’ve sent you a private message through the forum. Please let me know if you cannot see it. You should be able to click on your avatar in the top right of the screen to see the message from me.


I do
but don’t have a password and user name or I using same this account?


I’ve sent you a response through private message. Please let me know if you cannot see it!


I can’t see the response.
Can you help me whit RMA please?
Best Regards.

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In this scenario a failed reset caused the unit to fail.
The only route was to replace the unit.


I didn’t know what happenned but my eWON 131 Wifi did not respond until this morning.

I tried to do the recovery procedure but no sucess.

I only have the PWR led ON, no activity LED on any ports

Do you have any idea to fix it ?


Hi @GuillaumeBoutin,

Unfortunately if the recovery procedure doesn’t work then the only option is to do an RMA of the device if it’s within the warranty period.

Recovery Guide


Best Regards,