eWON Cosy 131 Modem Connection Failure

When I am trying to connect my Cosy 131 3g to the internet with the modem setup using the quick start setup on the online page it fails when connecting to WAN. The errors I get are
31311 esync-Cannot establish WAN connection
31108 wanmgt-WAN connection request has timed out
-27208 emodem-GSM network not found

I have confirmed with my cellular provider that they can see the device and that the apn I am using is correct. I am wondering what else could be failing my connection?

Just to confirm, the cellular provider can see the device is connecting to the tower?

Which cellular provider?

Can you please use eBuddy to make a back-up of the Cosy, checking the box “Include Support files”, and share it with me?

Hi Kyle

The cellular provider can see the device has connected to their network.

The cellular provider we are using is rogers (Canadian).

I have also attached the support files.

Thank you,


eWON.tar (49.5 KB)

I recommend doing a factory reset of the device. For instructions, see:


Also this is the antenna that I am using and I am wondering if there is a conflict between it and the cosy 131

Hello Kyle

I have done a factory reset and it still fails the WAN test. I have attached the support file again.

eWON.tar (30.5 KB)

I did notice that the cellular signal is show 99. The thing is, it’s only supposed to go up to 31, so I’m wondering if there is some kind of issue with the signal. However, Rogers is saying that it’s connected to the network,so that is strange. Do you have the original antenna that you could try?

Another thing that is strange is that WANCnx in the comcfg.txt file is showing 2, which is Ethernet, when it’s connecting with a cell modem (1). This might be just because it’s failing, but both backups show 2. I thought maybe the config was corrupted and a Lvl 2 reset may help but if you’ve already tried it than maybe not. Did you restore a backup file after resetting?

Hi Kyle

This is the only antenna that we have, the cosy did not come with its own antenna.

I did not restore a backup file after resetting.

I am wondering if there is anything else I can try with the cosy?

Thank you

First, I would try to use the standard antenna (part FAC90501_0000 shown here)

If that fails, I would test if the internet test passes when using Ethernet for the WAN.

If it does pass, I would try again with cellular, but in another geographical area, like 10 miles away (if possible) to see if it’s a problem between the device and the tower.

If all else fails, I would also try it with another SIM card (if possible) and if you are still having problems, I would RMA the product if it’s under warranty.

The specific model number that I have is EC6133D

Hi Kyle. It seems that it was a week signal we tested it at a different location more that 10 miles and it connected to the network.

Thank you.