eWON Cosy 131 not starting up


I have an eWON Cosy I was redeploying.

I updated the firmware to 13.3 but was getting device communication issues when setting up through the browser, I used ebuddy for recovery and got a ram write failure now the ewon powers on but PWR, KEY, DI2, T2M and @ lights are green, the USR light is orange. There is no activity on the LAN port lights.

Is there a way to recover from this?


Have you tried performing a Level 2 Reset? This can be done by performing the following steps:

The BI1 light goes green to indicate the reset button is pushed, the other lights do not change state USR light remains orange after 35 seconds.

IF you are unable to Factory reset the device, please follow the RMA process highlighted in the embedded link: