eWon Cosy 131 - UDP Timeout and HTTP failure


First time setting up an eWon Cosy 131 running firmware 12.1s2
Setting up as static IP. On established network and should be reaching internet.
During setup of internet see following failure:

When running T2M, receive a time out on UDP and HTTP failed to connect.

Looking for input if this is a signal that it is not truly reaching outside and blocked possibly by firewall or if it some other issue to know what to trouble shoot next.



I’d first check your DNS and gateway settings. If you are using a static IP address these need to be correct. I’d recommend using at least one public DNS server such as or

Consider updating to the latest firmware 13.2s1 (using eBuddy, you will probably have to update to 13.0 first.)

Try running the Talk2m Connection Checker.

Here is a list of ports and domains that need to be allowed by the network firewall/security device:

Let us know if you are still having problems connecting after that.



My IT group is trying to set up our firewall to allow the vpn access as outlined in your document kb-0209-0-en-talk2m_used_addresses_and_ports.pdf
They are telling me however that they cannot set this up using a name but must have an IP address. So a listing of what those are and/or any other direction that would help them out would be much appreciated.



Hi Roger,

Here is the list of the IP addresses we use for are services.



I am still fighting connection issues with my eWon after setting up the firewall pass throughs. Below is my error list from the latest attempt. At bottom is the list of IP’s my IT department set up. Any feedback would be appreciated.