EWON Cosy 131 WAN help

Hello, I am trying to connect an eWON Cosy 131 to the internet and I cannot get it to connect to the internet. I have tested the Ethernet cable on my computer, proving there is a valid internet connection. The cable is about 8ft long. I have connected another Ethernet cable into port 1 as a LAN connection. I then set the cosy ip, then set my own computer ip in the same range.

I have attached the support files. Let me know if there is there anything else I can provide to paint a better picture.



I see in the event log you are getting a WAN/LAN conflict error. The issue is your WAN connection is trying to provide you an IP address in the subnet 192.168.0.x and you are already using that network on your LAN. You will have to either have to change your LAN network out of that range or contact whoever controls the network there and have them change the subnet the use or give you a different network to use for internet.

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the response. The solution could simply be just moving my LAN to 192.168.1.x since my WAN is already in the subnet 192.168.0.x? I thought that only a LAN could exist in the 192.168.0.x. Are there any resources that you could recommend to help me understand this further?

Sorry for the novice questions and thanks for the help so far!

Moving your LAN to 192.168.1.x would fix it. Any device you are trying to connect to would also need the IP changed to that IP range.

This might have some more information that on how the networks subnets work.