EWON COSY 131 Wifi WAN connection failed

Hello I am trying to connect a EWON COSY 131 Wifi model to a ethernet WAN network and am seeing this issue pop up.


The issue that you are experiencing is that the the Cosy 131 is not receiving a IP from the DHCP server during the internet Wizard step. Also, it looks to be that you LAN network and your WAN network are overlapping.

The LAN network and the WAN network must be on different IP Subnets. This device will not pass the internet step until the overlap is corrected.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the response, this issue was corrected the LAN IP address was set to the default IP address of

Hello PJ,

When connecting your LAN devices, you will need to ensure their IP subnet is different from the WAN. If you revert the LAN back to the WAN range, you will lose internet connection.