eWON Cosy 141 frequently goes offline

I have a Cosy 141 with a LAN connection that frequently goes offline/online making remote support difficult. The logs do not provide any details on why it goes offline. I have a good Internet connection as well. What is the best way to troubleshoot this type of issue?

Please make a backup of the device using eBuddy and check “Include Support Files” and we can take a look at it.

Attached is the backup with support files.



Sorry for the delay. I can see that the VPN connection is disconnecting after a time, sometimes it’s 15-20 minutes, sometimes it’s longer. The logs are saying there is an inactivity timeout. There are a couple of settings that I would recommend changing in Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cdg:

ProxyIdleTO from 180 to 3600
ProxyMaxSocks from 5 to 50
VPNAlive from 120 to 60
VPNDiag from 1 to 4

Please reboot and see if this makes a difference.

The Cosy 141 does not have these settings in the web interface.

I believe the VPN is disconnecting because the ewon keeps going offline frequently.

I have attached the logfile.

7-16-21.device-logs.csv (53.4 KB)

You need to go to:

This is the Cosy 141 web interface that I have:

Check the box “Show advanced options” and then click “Edit COM cfg”.

Were you able to make this change?

I have made the change however the eWON still goes offline intermittently.

When it is offline a VPN connection cannot be established and when the VPN is already established the connection is dropped.

Please factory reset the unit and try again.

If you continue to have problems, please test the device from an entirely different network, for example, your home network vs your company network.

I replaced the Cosy 141 with a new Cosy + and no longer have an issue.

Thanks for the update!

Interesting - I had the same problem and had my Cosy 131 RMA’d which also fixed the issue. Perhaps there is a hardware problem out there on certain serial number ranges?