eWON Cosy 141 frequently goes offline

I have a Cosy 141 with a LAN connection that frequently goes offline/online making remote support difficult. The logs do not provide any details on why it goes offline. I have a good Internet connection as well. What is the best way to troubleshoot this type of issue?

Please make a backup of the device using eBuddy and check “Include Support Files” and we can take a look at it.

Attached is the backup with support files.



Sorry for the delay. I can see that the VPN connection is disconnecting after a time, sometimes it’s 15-20 minutes, sometimes it’s longer. The logs are saying there is an inactivity timeout. There are a couple of settings that I would recommend changing in Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cdg:

ProxyIdleTO from 180 to 3600
ProxyMaxSocks from 5 to 50
VPNAlive from 120 to 60
VPNDiag from 1 to 4

Please reboot and see if this makes a difference.

The Cosy 141 does not have these settings in the web interface.

I believe the VPN is disconnecting because the ewon keeps going offline frequently.

I have attached the logfile.

7-16-21.device-logs.csv (53.4 KB)

You need to go to:

This is the Cosy 141 web interface that I have:

Check the box “Show advanced options” and then click “Edit COM cfg”.

Were you able to make this change?

I have made the change however the eWON still goes offline intermittently.

When it is offline a VPN connection cannot be established and when the VPN is already established the connection is dropped.