Ewon Cosy 141 not connecting to Talk2M

Hi I’m trying to connect an Ewon Cosy 141 to the Talk2M server but receiving a list of errors. I’ve updated th firmware to 11.3s0 MA. Please see the attached error report.

Check with your IT department to see if they are using a Fortinet firewall which is doing SSL inspection. The Ewon VPN will not work if that’s the case and they will need to set up an exception for it. You can find more details in this document:

KB-0209-00 - Addresses and ports used by Talk2M

You can find an up to date list of all VPN Servers here.

With that information, your IT department should be able to create rules that allow the Ewon to connect. Please let us know if they have any questions.

Thanks for the assistance. The device is online now.

You’re welcome. Thanks for the update.