eWON Cosy 3G Modem Error


I was trying to set up the cozy for 3g communication.
First, I select all the ethernet ports as LAN for local access in the System Wizard.
Then, in the Internet Wizard, the Modem option doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu of the Internet connection box.
Then, I Saw in the Events Log the followings logs:

21/04/2020 16:39:41 20151 pla–Modem Error (RegisterModem)
21/04/2020 16:39:41 20151 pla–Modem Error (can’t init modem board)
21/04/2020 16:39:41 20151 pla–Modem Error (COM not detected)

Could someone tell me what is happening and how can I solve it

Best regards.

Diego Gamboa

Can you provide a full backup of the device (using eBuddy, highlight the device and click Backup/Restore then make sure to check “Include Support files”)?

Hi Kyle!
Thanks for your repply.
I send you the backup.

Thank you Diego,

It looks like you just did a factory reset because there are only about an hour worth of logs. I was going to recommend it anyway. The first thing I’d recommend you do now, is navigate to the comcfg (Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg) and lookup these settings and change them to the following values:

WANCnx = 1
NATItf = 3
RTEnIpFwrd = 1

Try re-running the Internet Wizard.

If you get the same results, try changing port 4 back to a WAN port and running it again. Also, check that the date and time are correct on the device.

If it’s still not working, can you please send me another backup (with Support files) so that I can the logs from those attempts?