eWon cosy china connection

Just got ewon cosy connection established to china but the connection is unstable and drops out every few minutes.
Client was unable to provide a direct connection with DHCP enabled so they have connected a 4G router to the WAN port of the ewon so not sure if the 4G connection is the issue here.
I have the .TAR file with support if someone from HMS could be kind enough to check for me.

Yes, please provide the Backup with the Support files and we’ll take a look.

Hi Kyle,
I have attached the file.


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I moved the Ewon to a China VPN server to see if that works better. If not, I would check the WAN connection speed, because the that is the most likely bottleneck.

Thanks, will try again tonight

OK let me know what you find.


The connection is a lot more stable today but they have also changed the 4G modem to a different carrier so not sure what has helped more…

Can you tell me how to change the VPN Server for in the future?





I would recommend contacting us to change the server. The only way that you can do it yourself is to use the server’s static address in the comcfg.txt settings ‘VPNSrv1’ and ‘VPNSrv2’ (find server addresses here). However, if those addresses are updated at a future time, the Ewon will go offline.