Ewon cosy connect issue. cant ping from 1 laptop, but can from another?

To set the default VPN server for your account, only we can do, but you can manually set the VPN in the comcfg.txt settings by changing ‘VPNSrvAddrMode’ to 0 (manual) and then using the VPN domain or IP address in ‘VPNSrv1’ (primary) and ‘VPNSrv2’ (secondary).

We don’t recommend setting it this way though, in case the domain or IP address changes.

Hiya Kyle

Having the same issue with the admin account. this time I received this pop up image_2021-07-04_203709

however logging in with the temp account we created, I’m able to successfully connect.
Might be the case of abonding that first admin account and using new accounts for this

OK. Our developers wanted to test this out. Is it ok if they log in to try it? Is there a time when it won’t be in use, like early tomorrow AM?

Yes ofcourse. Please feel free!
It should be available for you in the morning

Thank you!

They took a look and found that it was due to a server issue. They said it should be resolved now if you want to test it out.

works perfect now. thank you kyle!!

You’re welcome. Thanks for your patience with this issue! It was a strange one.

Hi Kyle,

Am i alright to open this context up again?

I’m having the same issue where connecting to the ewon does not return a successful ping to the ewon’s IP address.
In July, we changed the membership with a talk2m Pro subscription. It’s been working just fine, but since last week the same issue has cropped up again. With no configuration changes to my laptop or the ewon/devices connected to the ewon. I’ve attempted the same connection on another laptop and it seems to connect just fine their. However, regardless of which account I use for my primary laptop, it still doesnt connect.

The following is the result of the ‘rout print -4’ when disconnected from the ewon;

And the log directory:
talk2mVpnService.log (1.2 MB)

Is there a way I can advise about this to anyone that may have the same issue? - As I have now passed on the connection ability to the client and am afraid they’ll have the same issue.

Also please feel free to connect to the ewon with the same credentials as before:

Thank you