eWON Cosy Firewall


Hi Jonathan,

You can find all the documentation for the Cosy 131 at https://websupport.ewon.biz/support/docs/cosy-131

It is essentially a VPN router and by default is not going to respond to pings from the WAN network. Because it’s a router, the LAN and WAN need to be on different subnets or there will be an IP address conflict and nothing will work.

Here is a doc on setting up NAT 1:1 so that devices on the plant network (Cosy’s WAN) can reach devices on the Cosy’s LAN without using eCatcher: https://websupport.ewon.biz/sites/default/files/kb-0241-0-en_reach_a_device_behind_an_ewon_on_the_same_remote_site_but_from_two_different_networks.pdf

Please note that the pictures may not match up exactly depending on the firmware you are running, but basically all of the settings are stored on the device in the config.txt and comcfg.txt files and they can be accessed by going to Setup>System>Storage (on firmware 13.0 and up) and Settings>Maintenance>Advanced options (on older firmware).

You can change the firewall to allow pings by changing WANItfProt to 3 in the Comcfg file.

Please let me know if we can be of further assistance. You can reply to this email, visit us on hms.how, or call 312-893-5636 M-F 0800-1700 EST.