EWON Cosy WiFi WAN Security Concerns

I have a customer that has several Cosy 131 with WiFi WAN interface attached to their machines that are at various sites, used for remote access for troubleshooting. Some of his customers will not allow the Cosy to access the WiFi because of security issues. So my customer is asking if in that situation, he could send out one of his Cosy’s with 4G capabilities and access the existing Cosy with WiFi. Is it possible to connect to another Cosy and tunnel through to the controller and HMI attached?


If they are going to connect the Cosy 131 with a 4G modem to the LAN port of the Cosy that is using WiFi you should be fine. Both Cosy’s would need to be connected using their LAN ports and they need to be using the same subnet. Setup like this you could use eCatcher on the 4G modem to access the web login for the WiFI device or any of the Devices connected to either of the Cosy LAN ports.