Ewon cozy doesnt appear in Ecatcher as online


After complete configuration of the Ewon module, status on VPN, WAN and System is green - showing that everything configured correctly with no errors.

On the other hand, in ecatcher I dont see module appear as online.

Can you tell me, what root causes might be?

Tried reboot, factory reset, checked IP addresses and etc.
P.S it is the 4 Ewon that I set up, never had issues before.


Are you restoring a backup onto the ewon unit, or are you manually configuring the unit?
After you check eCatcher, do you look at the unit to ensure it is still connected by VPN?



I do manually set up Ewon, because I need to configure it for my company needs and etc.
In ecather I check only status of the Ewon.

Are you sure it’s connected to the right account?

I would try deleting it and re-adding it with a new activation key from a new Ewon in eCatcher.