eWon DataMailBox Service Storage Limit

Hello all, have a quick question regarding DataMailBox service for eWon gateway and Talk2M. There is a storage limit in the DataMail service? My eWon flexy is reporting older data than the one i can retrieve from DataMailbox.


The only real limitation currently on the Data Mailbox is the 10 day buffer time limit. All data must be retrieved within the 10 day time period or it will be cleared.

Can you elaborate on the last part of your question? I don’t think I’m quite following there.

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That is what i needed to know, and i think that’s why i am getting data since October 13 right now, even though i have older data in the eWon built in memory.

Thanks Jordan!


Ah! Yes that would be why. You always want to ensure to snag that data before the 10 day buffer period.