Ewon Disconnecting from Talk2M

I have an Ewon Cosy that will disocnnect from Talk2M. I have to go to the customer and set the passwords to the WIFI. It is the same password. The Ewon is not powered up for a month or 2 and then it will not connect to Talk2M. Is there a way to set the password to stay in the Ewon?


Is it an issue with the internet connection, or an issue with Talk2m?

Can you provide a backup with support files? This can be done using ebuddy.

It is not an internet connection problem. The Ewon gets powered off until they need it. When they power it up it will not connect to Talk2M. If I go through the setup of using a browser to go online to it, it shows that it is not connected. It will work after I finish the setup. I cant get the support files just yet because I have to go there to go online to it.

It has the activation key already saved for when it needs to connect to the VPN servers. It may take some time to connect due to the local network. Once we get a backup with support files, we can look into this issue more

Have you been able to get a backup with support files?

No update from customer, closing topic

Hello, Kevin

After reading this scenario, was a solution ever recommended? It seems the original post has left the conversation.

The company I am employed through, uses E-wons and e-catcher for remote access on most of our machines. During manufacturing of our equipment, we setup and test everything, including the E-won connection and authenticate the system insuring we can see it on e-catcher. If as described above in the original post, our machine is connected to the network at its installed location and proven that the E-won is working, but then the machine is disconnected from the customers network, for some period of time. We run into the situation where we have to walk our customers through reactivation of the E-won device when they connect the machine back to their network, so our machine is reachable on E-catcher.

This is not a network issue at the location, because we have had multiple customers who have for one reason or another disconnected their machine from the network, and then reconnected at a later date when a change in software is needed, we then as described above run into the problem of the machine not being reachable on E-catcher…

So how do we prevent needing to reauthenticate the E-won system after the initial setup

than you

We would need a backup with support files to look at the configuration.

This can be generated using ebuddy while connected with the unit.

From what I am being told everything is default the only thing we do is enter the authentication string into the setup wizard



Yes, The activation key is saved within the unit when it successfully conneccts to the VPN.