Ewon Flex 205 email

Can you email a email via relay.talk2m.com without a VPN connection.
I have a site and the IT is unsure of the ewon and is not been to helpful and I have a lack of IT know how.

I keep getting a ssnd-SMTP server RX timeout showing on the event log.

The other question I have is can the Flexy meet the security requirement of office 365 email servers. I try using the info IT gave me to send via there SMTP and also not luck.

No, you need a VPN connection to use relay.talk2m.com.

I really can’t answer this question because there are many other factors involved. I would recommend looking at documentation from Microsoft to make sure you have this configured properly as a relay.

Hi Guys

I don’t think the sites IT is going to allow the VPN connection required for the relay.talk2m.com.
The site only wish to use the flexy to send emails and possibly Txt to send alarm notifications.
do you have any solution papers on other emails options that only required a internet connection.

You can set up your own SMTP relay server or use another one. You can also send text messages directly if you use a cellular connection for the WAN (must have SMS plan with wireless provider.)