Ewon Flexi 205 Loosing VPN Config

We’ve got a flexi in the field and it has lost its VPN config twice in the last couple of Months.
It seems related to loss of Wifi Connection, all the wifi strength lights go off.
Device mapping in Ecatcher.

Are there any reports of anything like this?

We have seen WiFi compatibility issues with certain WiFi controllers, like Meraki systems, for example. But this shouldn’t cause the Ewon to lose it’s VPN configuration. I would recommend going into Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg and changing the following settings:

WifiAutoscan → 0
VPNDiag → 4

If the problem re-occurs, immediately make a backup of the device using eBuddy and make sure to check “Include Support Files” and send it to us to review.

Also, find out what type of WiFi system they are using and see if it’s possible to switch to Ethernet as that will always be a more reliable connection.

Ok, Something Strange is going on.
The Wifi is still down where I am, so I’m using a 4G AP with ethernet.
I connected and it said that both the internet connection and VPN were unconfigured, nothing was connected to the WAN port at this point and I can;t remember how I left it.
I plugged the 4G AP into the WAN port, ran the ethernet connection wizard, it failed, but the internet connection was back up and so was the VPN (Even though I hadn’t configured the VPN at all.
I’ve disconnected the AP from the WAN Port, the internet is showing connected (globe is green bottom right, cloud is white) VPN is Showing ‘Not Configured’.
Plug the WAN Back in, the Internet still says connected, but it hasn’t reset the ‘connected since’
The VPN is Still Showing ‘Not Configured’

Cycle the Power, Internet Now says ‘Not Configured’. VPN says ‘Not Configured’

OK Thanks, I’ve made the changes and will monitor.
If/When it happens, do I post the config on here or to support directly?

You can post the backup here. It will automatically be hidden from public view and only available to the support team and we will get an update.

Your modem requires a firmware update. Please download and use the tool in the following link:

hmm might want to hide those backups

They should automatically be hidden. Not sure what went wrong there.

Might want to check that since this is not the first time recently that the tar files have been visible.



I’ve done that. It seems to only happen when there are multiple .tar files.

@Dave_Penson Let me know if you have any questions about updating the modem. It should work much better after the update. Although the backups showed very weak cell reception (9 - 12 / 31) so make sure the antenna is not obstructed (like in a steel cabinet) and there is adequate cell service in the area.


OK, Updated the 4G Firmware, the signal is weak, but I’m not using that for connection at the moment, I’m using WIFI (it is a pain getting a prepaid SIM to work in a country you don’t live!)
The Antenna is external to the panel, so shouldn’t be an issue.
the Problem I’ve seen is with WIFI, does the 4G firmware make the whole unit misbehave?

I’ll upload a config on the next post (separately, in the hope that it will be not visible)
As my last backups were visible for a time, what could someone do with that information, is my Ewon/Account Compromised , what do I need to do to ensure continued security?

No, I had you update it because you were using it as well as WiFi and there were some errors in the logs associated with the older modem firmware.

It won’t be visible if you only attach one backup. There is a bug that shows the backups sometimes, but only when you attach multiple backups to the same post.

I checked the backups to make sure there wasn’t any sensitive info and it looks like you don’t have anything to worry about. There is a default OPCUA key, so if you use OPCUA in the future you may want to recreate the key. All passwords and keys are hashed in the config files.

Did you find out what type of WiFi system is being used?

Can you go into Setup > System > Storage > Edit System Config and change WIFI_DEBUG to 4?

Is it possible to use a wired connection on the WAN to test if you still have problems?