eWon Flexy 201 connection to HMI


Is it possible to connect eWon Flexy to a HMI, no PLC. I have IO module FLX3402 in the eWon and would do the program there. I want to display modbus registers on the HMI and write to registers with alarm setpoints. For the reading AI1, AI2 etc, I did store and forward to modbus registers. That seems to work well. Just need to be able to enter values in the HMI that can be used in the eWon program. If I can’t do with Modbus is it possible with OPCUA? Flexy is Firmware 13.0s0.


Hey Jermat,

You should be able to connect to an HMI without a PLC.

Are you asking about writing to the HMI? Or are you asking about just reading data from it?


I’m doing a remote monitoring panel with eWon Flexy. I used the IO module so I can monitor tank volume. The panel emails supplier 2x a day so they know what’s there to dispatch deliveries. In this case they want a local display or operator panel so they can see at the plant. So the eWon is the PLC with a connected display. Delivery driver also needs to see so they can make sure they don’t overfill. I can publish any tag by enabling Tag Visibility Modbus TCP. Register 2 is 40002, 3 40003 etc. That works fine. I can take the analog from AI1 and copy it to a tag and publish the same way. I need them to be able to enter variables from the HMI like SG, High Alarm point, Low Alarm point, volume per inch etc. so I can use these in the eWon script. I haven’t been able to enter a value on the HMI and have it come up in the tag list. For example enter high alarm point on the HMI and have that value be in the HIGH_LEVEL tag. I’ve tried with 4x registers as these are normally read/write.


Jermat Automation




Hey Steve,

Can I take a look at this setup on Teamviewer so I can get a better view of the setup?



Can we do Monday or is there a way for me to send you the configuration? I’m EST and have to leave. I’ll be back in the office Monday morning.



Monday works for me



Let me know when you want to connect. I’ve got everything up and running now.




One thing I found when testing. I input SG, high alarm setting and low alarm setting from the HMI. When I reboot these come up as 0. Is there a way to make them retained values?




This can be done here