eWON flexy 201 manual firmware update pre version 14

I have taken control of an old flexy 201 that has not had any firmware updates in a long time. It is currently running 12.1s2. I have all the v14 files to get it up to date but need a version 13 file. Can you please provide me with a download link. Cheers

Hello Barry,

You can use this site and select the device type to get the files you need. Just select the device → update method → and firmware files you need.


Hi Kevin,
I have tried that. There is no option to download anything pre V14. I cannot get to Version 14 as this eWON doesn’t have internet and the PC I am using also doesn’t have internet.
Please provide a download link to pre V14 firmware.

Hello Barry,

I will email you the file, as it is too big to upload on our forum. Please download it, and put in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\eBuddy\Firmware

Hi Kevin,

I have attached a snip while trying to update via ebuddy. With the firmware in the folder it wants to download which I cannot due to having no internet.
Please advise on next steps.


Hello, I’m trying to upgrade a COSY131 from firmware 8 all the way to the newest firmware.

I used this before -
But now it’s gone.

Is it possible to get the firmware emailed to me as well ?