Ewon Flexy 201 Tag values problem

I moved my Ewon to a new location, and changed the internet connection from Ethernet to cellular.
I’m able to connect to the device via eCatcher VPN.
When i open the Ewon webpage and go to the Values screen i cannot see my real time values, everything shows zero and there is a red Exclamation mark near all the values.

Ewon is connected by Lan to one Siemens S7 PLC + one Siemens KTP700 HMI.
I can go online with the PLC via Tia Portal.
I can access the HMI using VNC Viewer.
I can ping both devices.

i need some help sorting this mess up.
thank you.

You have a bad tag:

1692721209	22/08/2023 16:20:09	S74srv-Error in read subrequest response (Error: 10 Req Addr: DB 22 0 - 3)	s74iosrv-Error in read subrequest response	s74srv	81400	-31403

You will have to isolate and fix the tag. Here’s some information that may help you:

During data polling, a single tag in error (truly bad) can cause a number of other (good) tags to appear in error as well because, for communication optimization purposes, tag requests and responses are grouped in one single exchange. The whole group is then affected with the same error status. Example here, only one Tag is wrong mceclip0.png This article explains how to do to isolate the truly bad Tag that is causing the group of Tags to be in Bad Quality.


Ewon : Flexy


During commissioning or maintenance, you indeed may want to isolate the truly bad tag from the others. Therefore, you have to disable the polling of tags in error. This can be done in the IO Server > Global Config parameters as shown below:


The relevant tag will no longer be polled, and it will no longer be included in a group (and hence it will not impact other tags).


At the creation of the Tags or at the initialization of an IOServer, all tags are considered as valid and are polled.
If repetitive errors occur on some Tags, these tags will be considered as invalid and will not be polled anymore!
A specific error message will be written in the event log.
This message is “Protocol Error while reading Tag (IOserver - TagName - Polling disabled for this tag)” (see example in figure below)


Invalid tags will be polled again when:
• the IOServer is started (i.e.: after a IOServer modification)
• a manual INIT of the IOServer is operated using the “Init” link next to the IOServer
selection box
• a modification of the Tag (in the I/O Server Setup part of Tag Setup)

Remind yourself to uncheck the “Disable Tags in Error” box, as soon as you have completed
your commissioning or maintenance task.


Thank you, it was a bad Tag(s) indeed.

You’re welcome!