Ewon Flexy 205 3G Module Issue


Good Morning,

Last week while I was working with a Ewon Flexy 205 I was running into some issues with the cellular module randomly losing connection. When I checked the physical device I found the status lights and signal strength on the module were not illuminated so I hooked up to it with a cable and checked the web interface and found the module was not being recognized in the system. Once I restarted it came back and continued working for a little while, then proceeded to disconnect again. After multiple attempts to find a issue I have been un successful. Would anyone be available to further troubleshoot this issue or would I need to send it back to get it repaired?

Thank you,

Josh Scott

Junior Automation Specialist

Phoenix Energy Services




Can you possibly provide a back up with support files of the unit in question?

It sounds like can be an issue with cell service as well.


I can do that shortly. I was wondering if it was possible as well to connect to OPC UA on the FLEXY 205 without the use of ecatcher? Seems I am only able to get a connection while it is attached.

Josh Scott

Junior Automation Specialist

Phoenix Energy Services




It is possible to have an OPC UA server set up on the LAN side of the device, and connect it to the Flexy.

You can set up as a server or pc, and connect to the LAN Port of the unit.