Ewon Flexy 205 - Adding tags (value/alarm) in bulk


I am using an eWON Flexy 205.
For my usage, I need to add 100 or so new tags (value/alarm) every month. Since this process is taking a bit of time, I am wondering if there is a way to automate.

For example, does Flexy 205 support uploading tags in bulk using CSVs? Or does it allow API integrations?


You can make an ftp connection with the Flexy you can edit the var_lst file. From that you can add tags in and once you close the connection and reboot the Flexy you should see them be added.

Thanks Zach.

I managed to find var_lst file from “File Transfer” page, and I also found “FTP” page under System>Main where I assume I will be configuring.

I never made an ftp connection before; I did some Googling and tried out using the below configuration, but I couldn’t make progress. Could someone help me out? I am using a Mac OS.

@Sho_Hasegawa You don’t need to configure that screen. What Zach is saying is to use FTP on your laptop to connect to the Ewon. You can use an FTP client like Filezilla (I’m not sure if that’s available on Mac, but I’m sure there are plenty of FTP clients). All you need then is the IP address and username/password. The Ewon uses the default port, 21. Once you are connected you can browse the files on the Ewon and download the var_list file.

Thanks for getting back Kyle.

I attempted using Filezilla and another FTP client software called Cyberduck, but I wasn’t successful. In terms of IP address, am I correct in using Wan IP Address on the Summary page? For username/password, am I correct in using Username and Password that I log in to Flexy? I appreciate your help.

Attaching pictures for clarity.
スクリーンショット 2022-01-07 16.32.20

you would want to open an FTP connection to the ewons LAN IP. once connected you will see the var_list files in the root ftp directory to FTP off, edit and FTP back on.

Thanks Deryck. Will you remind me where I can find the ewons LAN IP? I assume that is different from Wan IP Address?

This can be seen on the summary page on the Flexy that you can see the internet IP address and the VPN IP address on also.

Thanks Zach.

I found “LAN IP/Mask” on the Summary page, so I retried using LAN IP and then Mask. I used the same Username and Password, using both Filezilla and Cyberduck.
スクリーンショット 2022-01-14 17.21.14

No success, though. Both FTP client softwares mentioned I could not connect to the server.

Am I using the wrong address? I tried using the VPN IP Address on the top right, but that didn’t work either. I really appreciate it if you can help me out.

For the connection you need to be connected on the LAN or through the VPN connection.

You then have to use the Flexy LAN IP and login credentials. If your able to ping the LAN IP of the Flexy you should be able to open and ftp connection.