Ewon Flexy 205 - Alarm Setup - Tag Variables Possible?



I have a Floating Point Tag setup with an Alarm and was wondering if I could use a variable in the alarm Setup for the Low Low, Low, High and High High. We have Alarm Set Points on the HMI and do not want to have two places to enter alarm set points.


This can be done, but I would recommend doing this through the Basic IDE because you’ll have a little more control over how to setup the email settings as well as conditions for sending out the email.

IO Email.txt (1.0 KB)


Would that still be tracked in the alarm history of the flexy or would that be for just sending an email?


the email would effectively replace the alarm in this case


if you still want to have an alarm tag tied to it, you could do this through some if statements in the Basic IDE where you could just create a tag called alarm and set the different values you want here


Then you could just use some if statements in the Basic section to set the value from anywhere in the low low to high high depending on the conditions of the tag emailing out


Do we have any other options? We still want the to utilize the alarm history of the Flexy, Our end goal is to send an email and a text then an operator would login and acknowledge the alarm. Who ever acknowledges the alarm would then go to the site to trouble shoot the problem etc. I also considered sending an individual bit for each alarm to the Flexy.


I can help you set this up if you want. But unfortunately it seems like what you want to do would require some Basic Scripting


Sounds good, I downloaded the Teamviewer. Maybe you could also take a look at my SMS settings. I’m trying to send a text to just myself right now but am getting stuck on the formatting.


Ok does 2 EST work for you?


yeah, thank you!



Can you send me your teamviewer info?


Basic Code if anybody else wants to try something similar:

IO Email with alarm.txt (1.4 KB)


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