eWon Flexy 205 all tag values 0 on reboot or seemingly randomly

Aside from the errors, is the OPC UA communication working at all? Can you explain the actual problem you are experiencing? For example, does it work sporadically, then stop working? If so, how often does the problem occur? Is it predictable, etc.?

I am not seeing issues yet, i.e. my Tag Values are continuing to be updated, etc. My concern is unexpected reboots of the eWon caused by the watchdog. Can the errors that are in the log cause reboots? I have the threshold for RX/TX errors set to 10000 msec, which seems more than adequate time to retrieve data from the two OPCUA servers. As long as my functionality is working I am happy. Just did not know about unexpected reboots due to log entries. Or if there was anything I could try to get those errors to vaporize away.

What I’m seeing in the logs is that there are occasional timeouts and reconnections. This is fairly normal for any kind of internet connection. As long as there are no long periods of disconnections, like an internet outage, it shouldn’t reboot. Occasional errors aren’t anything to be that concerned with unless they are causing functionality problems.

Ok, I’ve not had any reboots now for 4+ days, and tag values are behaving now. Nothing unusual in the logs. I think we can consider the subject matter closed. Thank you for the assistance.

OK great! Let us know if you have any other issues.

Also, I know there was a bug fix for OPC UA in the latest firmware (14.7s0 PR), so I would recommend using that version.